Weekly Workings

I generally keep pretty busy with projects for myself and projects for other people. This week is no exception. I wanted to show you some of the things I am working on this week. Two are for me and the other two are for people that are not me. The first is a seed stitch … More Weekly Workings

To Be Read

I did not put a post up last week. I realize this error. I do not particularly feel bad about it. I have been sick or have felt ill for the past week and a half; and while actually being ill was not enough of a hindrance to post my to-be-completed list, recovering from said … More To Be Read

The Crutch of Fidgetiness – My Woes Regarding Technology

As of right now, we are living in an age where technology is advancing quickly. Most of us have televisions, computers, and phones. Many of us end up using our phones or laptops as a social crutch. I know for certain that I do. My phone becomes my crutch of fidgetiness when I am bored … More The Crutch of Fidgetiness – My Woes Regarding Technology