The Crutch of Fidgetiness – My Woes Regarding Technology

As of right now, we are living in an age where technology is advancing quickly. Most of us have televisions, computers, and phones. Many of us end up using our phones or laptops as a social crutch. I know for certain that I do. My phone becomes my crutch of fidgetiness when I am bored or tired, but usually it is the latter and seldom is it the former. It becomes something that I absolutely cannot take my mind off of. I obsessively check it every few minutes, and it has become a real problem.

Recently, I found myself with a new phone. It is a technological wonder to me, because I have never had an android or a touchscreen device before. I find myself wanting to be playing with it always. I am constantly on instagram. I am forever sending text messages. I always have it in my hands. This leaves time for barely anything else. I rarely ever read anymore; constantly being on my laptop or playing with my phone. Either that, or I spend my time knitting, but I always have some form of technology on my person at all times.

Yesterday, I went to the planetarium with my astronomy class for a lab we were doing. I had been playing with my phone for the whole car ride there; texting and trying to use Instagram (although, to no avail due to the fact there was no wifi and I do not use 4G). Upon leaving my classmate’s car, I left my phone on the back seat where I was sitting. I realized this upon walking in and I suddenly felt like I was not whole. Does my phone hold so much intrinsic value that I cannot function without it? Apparently yes. We hurried back to his car to get my phone, but it was of no use to me. It was something to hold in my pocket, and that was it… I played around with it for several minutes, trying to get the museum wifi to work, but other than that it was of no use to me.

Now is the time for me to start practicing mindfulness. The practice of mindfulness involves being aware of your actions. It is seeing every action as a posture; as if it is a part of a beautiful meditation. If that means turning my phone off and leaving it on the other side of the room, or upstairs while I am downstairs, then so be it. Although it is a technological age, there are still many downsides to it. It takes away from my quality time with the people I love and care about. Of course, I cannot put the entirety of the blame on my phone. I am the one who let myself get addicted to it.
For anyone who has been a victim of my constant phone usage, I want to issue an apology.

I will return at the end of the week with my regularly scheduled post.


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