Finding my voice

Hello, I am back from a short hiatus. As some of you know, I moved away from home in January and I have been trying to get on my feet in my new environment. Along with that, I have been trying to find my voice again. I have found it difficult to do a great many things, and with that I have had a hard time making the time to sit down and write.
Now it is warm and sunny out, and I my creative juices are flowing again. This leads me to believe that I may be a plant. I am happiest when it is warm and sunny out. I know the real reason that the sun makes me happy, but let’s pretend that I am a plant for just one moment here.
I have had quite a few ideas come to me. I am going to start writing posts for this blog again at somewhat of a regular frequency here again soon. They will be about books, nature, nature books, and quite a few other things (including original artwork). I may also be throwing around a few ideas for a children’s book that I have been wanting to write since last August.

Hint: It is about prairie dogs.



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