Classes, counseling, and angry bees

Yesterday was my last official day of lecture of my first official semester at Western Illinois University. Today was my last day of counseling at the UCC before next semester. And there have yet to be angry bees fly out of my mailbox at my face when I open it.
I think it is safe to say that I have survived my first semester at WIU and I look forward to my remaining ones.
Of course, I still have final exams to worry about but I think I have those under control. I have been going to one college or another for four years now, and taking tests is one thing I (somewhat) know how to do.
My plans for the summer involve more reading, writing, nannying, and taking an online geology course through my university. I will be pretty busy, but I will still be writing here. It is my personal challenge to write once a week. If I do not hold to that, please be sure to send me angry fan letters. 😉
I have been working on getting book review posts written up. Of course, it will be easier to complete those when I have the actual books on hand, so that will not be for another week and a half. There are quite a few projects that I will be putting off until I am settled back into my parents’ house for the summer.
I am excited for all the good things to come.


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