Spirituality and the natural world

While I prepare for some big posts on this blog, I finished the book “Last Child in the Woods” by Richard Louv. The final part of his book delves into spirituality and nature.
In the book, it is stated “… to be spiritual is to be constantly amazed.” One must be constantly amazed to be spiritual and if you are constantly amazed by nature, by darn you’re probably pretty spiritual.
This lead to a discussion with my mother about how my grandmother was one of the most spiritual women we knew. She was constantly amazed at the world and how it worked. She was catholic, but she was more spiritual than she ever was religious. I think her love of the natural world is what benefited her in every area of her life.
She was the one who first nurtured my love of nature. I remember fondly that she and I would sit at the couch, or she would be in the chair next to it. We would look out the window at the bird feeders she always had hanging up on the tree, which has since been cut down, and we would watch the birds. She always knew the names of whatever birds came to her feeder. She would not know much else about them, but she always knew they would be there. They were constant things in her life.

Picture courtesy of fordarkisthesuede.tumblr.com

My grandmother was always learning everything that she could. She had her own vegetable garden that she would spend hours in. She knew every flower that was in her backyard.
She was a steward of her own Earth, as the Bible tells Christians to be. She took care of it and it was beautiful. Without her, I do not think I would have the love of nature that I do today.



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