Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2016

Hoo boy, that is a mouthful to say over and over again, so why don’t we call it C2E2? Now that is a lot better!

This past weekend, I attended my first C2E2 ever. Now, I am not much of a con-goer, but this one was a lot of fun. I had enjoyable company and I was able to meet up with a lot of friends and meet some new people (okay, just one new person but I’m going to pretend like I am social just this once).

The day before the convention I spent the day with my bonus mom, Morgan. She happens to be the leader of my unit and we spend a lot of time together. Her place is like my second home. Anyway, we did some shopping to prepare for the next day and we ended up going to a small party that evening.

The next morning, we woke up half an hour later than we intended to because of who we are as people. We got ourselves together and drove to pick up her friend, Dina. Then, coffee from Dunkin Donuts was consumed and we were on our way to Chicago!

It took about two and a half hours to get there and then we spent about 10 hours trying to

Me with my pass. I have never had a pass like this before. 

find a place to park at McCormick Place. Sorry, I meant one (maybe 45 minutes). Lot A was completely full so Morgan drove around trying to find Lot B or C. We eventually found Lot C. But not before driving through Little Croatia and Chinatown (this is where I one-up you mom!!). There was also a stop at a Burger King somewhere in the middle of all of this, but it is a little hazy at this point. Morgan was awesome. Even though none of us really kept our cool during the parking dilemma, we survived and that is what matters!!


Upon our arrival, we found ourselves on the floor. I bought two prints from an artist named Joshua Werner almost right away. Pictures of that will be below along with the other things I accumulated during the course of the day.

Then, we went to find free books. Penguin Del Rey gave out seven different free books, all of which I snagged.

There were so many awesome vendors at the con, that I could not see them all. The thing that most attracted me, being a Lord of the Rings fan, was the WETA workshop. There was a makeup artist there prepping for some prosthetic on a lady. I wish I could have stayed to watch, but free books called.

Myself and Morgan waiting for the Civil War trailer… and then being mistaken.  

We went to two panels. One was for a preview of Marvel: Civil War II. I mistakenly thought it was a small preview of Marvel: Civil War movie that is coming out soon, but I was sadly mistaken. The second panel was a screening for an anime. Joy of joys. 

Morgan and I left the panel a little early. I had the opportunity to meet the former leader of the Order ( a unit in the game I play), as well as see a few other friends I had not seen in a while. After we retrieved Dina from her panel, we went out to try and find a few shirts for me to bring home. There were two I purchased. They both have Tina Belcher and say something about butts.

For those who do not know me entirely well, I love Bob’s Burgers and my favorite character is Tina. Although I am an adult, I relate to her pubescent awkwardness on an almost spiritual level.

We then attended a screening for Hunter x Hunter. It is an anime. I am not imag1092.jpg
even remotely interested in anime, so I spent most of the panel on my phone. It is a cute anime, don’t get me wrong; it is not my cup of tea, though.

After the panel, we spent about twenty minutes trying to find our way back to Lot C. I did not bring my jacket into the convention center with me, so in the process of finding the car my arms got a little cold (like almost numb).

Iimag1099.jpg think out of everything, I am most excited about the books I picked up. Two of them are pre-release books which I will be reviewing soon. I’ll let you guess which ones those are.

Well, that concludes my post about C2E2. I plan to be back soon with a discussion topic about Silent Spring and Environmental Science or a book review about a pre-release book that I received at the con. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

See you soon!



2 thoughts on “Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2016

  1. We were in neither Lot A, B or C, we were at Soldier Field parking lot. Ugh…
    I knew it was a panel for Civil War II, but even then, it was pretty disappointing. Just the covers for the tie-ins and no real details.
    Our walk was only outside for 3 minutes and I offered you my sweater :tisk tisk:


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