Something Like the Desert – A Book Review

imag1079.jpgGenre: Non-fiction
Theme: Personal growth
Rating: 10/10

Synopsis: “I have characters all around me. The fast-footed. The broken. The overgrown. The fox-eyed. The children of the forest. The suicidal magicians. The sage smoke lovers. Someone like me. Someone like you. Something Like The Desert is a collection of coming-of-age stories that have been growing like vines in my ribs and have finally, surely, swiftly, made their way to the tip of my pen. Here, inside, I’ll invite you to sit down at my table. I’ll pour you something warm to drink. And maybe, hopefully, you’ll find a bit of familiarity between the inky lines.” ~ Kristen Hedges

When I first heard about this book, Kristen was still in the editing process. I wanted to get my hands on it immediately and I anticipated its release date.  I did not particularly care how I was going to go about procuring a copy, but I knew it would happen eventually. So, a month and a half after its release, I was elated to finally be able to order my own copy of the book.

This book was a life changer for me. Kristen brings every day occurrences to life. She creates stories out of them. She makes the magic of the world something that is tangible, something I could feel between my  fingers. Turning the pages of the book was like a breath of fresh air.

The words of the book ripped me open and made me look inside myself for a brief moment. They rent me and tore me apart, exposing the very core of my being. After reading the words, I realized, and should remind myself still, that the only one who can fill the aching emptiness in my bones is myself.

I am in need of something like the desert. I am also in need of reading the book again, and again, and again; until every fiber of my being understands my place in the universe.

Kristen Hedges has published one more book since the publication of Something Like the Desert. Both books can be found on Amazon.



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