Big Oktoberfest Post

So you know how I said I was overwhelmed with over 500 other things? It was true and it all culminated in a freaking AWESOME event the week before last.
On September 30th, I left Peoria to head to Comlara State Park. It is 45 minutes away near Hudson, Illinois. I stayed there until October 4th. An amazing event called Oktoberfest took place during that time. Now, Oktoberfest is a nationally attended Belegarth event hosted by the realm of Numenor. People from all over the country came to it and it’s almost literally in my backyard (Okay, okay, it’s 45 minutes away but it’s closer than most people).
I met so many amazing people. I learned quite a bit from equally amazing people. There were some experiences I could have gone without (i.e. the cold, the rain, and the wind), but I would not trade the experience for anything. I want to give a big THANK YOU to the Realm of Numenor. So, in order to commemorate the amazing event that was Oktoberfest, here are a lot of pictures of the event itself, the projects I completed before the event, and some of the weapons I bought.

In no particular order, here we go. Pictures courtesy of me, A Wondering Soul, and Armstrong Photography.

12045246_1654267761518761_6979827991297470733_o 12079462_10153162836060808_5660435005998904649_n 12119072_10153162836410808_5394577752800932337_n 12068994_1654257388186465_5436761154543630974_o

wpid-img_20150907_142818.jpg wpid-imag0672.jpg wpid-imag0677.jpg wpid-imag0738.jpg wpid-imag0741.jpg wpid-imag0742.jpg


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