All You Need Is Love Part Two: Spiritual Care

This post is the final installment of All You Need Is Love. Not only should you be taking care of your physical body, but you also need to be taking care of your spiritual self. Taking care of the soul is just as important as caring for your body; sometimes even more important.
I wanted to share with you all the main way I take care of myself spiritually. While I do go to church, and I do have religion, recently I found that meditation does wonders. My meditations last anywhere between four minutes and half an hour. It is the best way to become in-tune with one’s body and mind. It is introspection to the highest extent. While I cannot completely describe what it is, Spirit Science can!

And so can these other short videos!

If you are looking to start up a meditation practice, Bexlife is awesome. Here is one of her videos. She is all I want to be. The great part is that all I can be is me and I am good enough.

And here is another video that I have listened to many times.

Through meditation, I have found myself more calm. I have let go of fear and anxiety. I have realized that I am a unique and beautiful individual, created with divine intention (Thanks for that one Bexlife). I AM.

I hope that I have offered an insight into what meditation is and have given you good resources to learn more about it.  If you have any questions for me personally, please do not hesitate to ask. The comment section is always open.
And like always, do not forget to like, comment, and follow. I will be back next week with a weekly workings post and… a book review!


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