All You Need Is Love Part One: Self Care

Love, love, love, love!
All you need is love. Whether it is platonic, romantic, or familial, it is completely your choice and you decide what you want to do with your life. One thing you should always keep in mind is to love yourself. Treat yourself. Give your body the special care it deserves at all times. Do not worry about being selfish. Any time that you give to your body can never be selfish.
With flu and cold season well under way and the push to do well in my classes, plus getting a million other things done, I have noticed myself getting more stressed. I have been putting heavier workloads on myself and have not been allowing myself the proper coping mechanisms to deal with such stress. I have found myself sick twice now since the start of the semester. It was then that I realized that taking care of myself is a huge deal. Being bedridden for three days gave me the chance to see that taking care of myself should be top priority above anything else. Many people do not give themselves the time of day when, really, we should be putting our bodies, spirits, and minds first.
Self care is a difficult thing to pick up, because we are always running around taking care of others. It is not until we are down for the count that we actually take the time to listen to what our bodies are telling us. My methods for self care when I was sick, and even now include:


Lots of tea. I mean a lot of it. Preferably the non-caffeinated kind if you are sick and want to feel better, but a little caffeine never hurt anyone.
When I am sick, my tea of choice is either chamomile or ginger tea. Always with honey. The tea I am brewing in the picture is chamomile. My favorite. ❤

Sleep. You can never have too much sleep, especially if you are sick. (I apologize. No cute pictures of me fast asleep.)

Food! I ate a whole bag of chips and nine pieces of sushi when I was suffering from the KILLER head cold. You should always make sure to feed yourself plenty of food. That is what the body needs to heal and take care of itself. (Pictured here is creamy rice and chicken, also delicious!)

Broth. This could be lumped into the tea category, but broths have their own value to them. We will not reflect on the time that my mom added dolomite powder to box broth, though. Those were dark times.

Lozenges. If you have a sore throat, they work wonders. Enough said.

While these are things that worked for me while taking care of myself, you may find other things that work for you. What ways do you take care of yourself when you are sick? Do you have favorite movies you like to watch? What is your favorite tea or beverage?

Tell me down in the comments and do not forget to follow my blog and like this post! I will see you all next week with the second part of All You Need Is Love and a weekly workings post. See you all later!


One thought on “All You Need Is Love Part One: Self Care

  1. Great post! I’m all about self care. I used to work myself ragged and think nothing of it. I try to practice self care as much as possible now. I’ve started taking zinc lozenges with echinacea and vitamin C. Found them in the vitamin aisle- it boosts your immune system.
    My favorite tea is chamomile or peppermint- always with honey 🙂 I don’t drink it as much as I would like to, though.

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